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Esophagus Surgery by Dr Pradeep Jain


Patient Reviews
Kapli (Bariatric Patient)
I believe Dr. Pradeep Jain & team is one of the Best Doctors of India. I am highly...       more...
Usha Aggarwal (Bariatric Patient)
Dr. Pradeep Jain and his team is one of the best team I have...       more...
Harbhajan Singh
My father had pancreas cancer. He admitted under ...              more...

Dr Pradeep Jain Event Details

Weight loss surgery camp
Weight loss surgery camp on the 15 of December 2012 in Delhi.
Cancer awareness camp
Cancer awareness camp on the 26th November 2012 in Delhi.
Eat Right to beat cancer
Dr Pradeep Jain is an expert in Advance Laparoscopic GI, GI ONCO & Bariatric Surgery.